Workplace Assessments–For a more vibrant business

A vibrant organization reaches its highest value, stays relevant and ahead of competition, and is a great place to work. Leaders – is your organization vibrant? Keep the pulse with targeted, confidential workplace assessments. Leaders – are you developing more leaders? Track this with 360 degree and performance-values talent assessments.

Why Leaders Use Assessments

Leaders use assessments and surveys to be, and stay, a vibrant business. They also know that there must be a plan of what is going to be done with the assessment once given. A.M. offers three types of assessments to ensure you are selecting the best fit for desired results.

Video 6min 39sec –
0:00 As a leader, you create the context for a vibrant workplace
0:36 A.M. creates a virtuous cycle for working together, with alignment and momentum
2:10 The types of Assessments offered, and why each is important:
2:48 Workplace Culture – by topic
3:34 Workplace Culture – by peer
5:00 360 degree, usually for leadership development of one person
5:57 Conclusion