Performance Reviews - People want to know how they are doing

People want to know how they are doing. Leverage ongoing conversations about what’s next, and review what they’ve done and how they’ve fit through less frequent reviews. Even an annual review can be effective when what’s discussed is not a surprise.

Performance Reviews - what to keep doing and what to stop doing

Performance reviews have been discarded by a few companies. We don't recommend stopping them completely; people want feedback and many want it documented. But there is a lot to stop doing with and in reviews. And there are other forms of performance communication, such as future-looking goal setting and ongoing conversations and measurement to start doing.

Video 2min 52sec –
0:00 Should you stop doing Reviews? (No…)
0:09 Stop doing the wrong stuff and linking that to a Review
1:43But don’t stop doing Reviews (and a few reasons why)
2:09A Review looks back at each role and an individual’s performance in it. Individual performance is specific to commitments mutually agreed to for the period reviewed.
2:20A Review does not replace future-look conversations and real-time, specific feedback
Note: An A.M. Performance Review session is an excellent opportunity for addressing talent adaptability – looking at role descriptions for current and future work and individual readiness – so that every role and every person are well aligned with what matters most for business and career vibrancy.